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We offer specific jewellery Insurance with the best policy options knowing your valuables are protected.

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When was the last time you updated your jewellery valuation?

Or do you have still have that old jewellery valuation?

Ensure your precious jewellery and luxury watches values are correct for your insurance premium cover!

A jewellery valuation (also known as a valuation certificate) is a document that provides a detailed description and a value of jewellery items based on the current market conditions.

We want our customer best interest for any unexpected event, knowing that your correctly covered with the best jewellery insurance at affordable price.

PER LEI Jewellery Valuation Service
Starts from $120 for a Valuation Certificate by
(NCJV) Certified Valuer
With Photo Images of the jewellery item with a detailed description
Associated Diamond/Gemstone certificates.

The right value, the correct jewellery insurance with piece of mind

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Why might you need a jewellery valuation?

There are a number of reasons why you may require or want a valuation certificate such as retail replacement, deceased estate, auction reserve or simply travel insurance for a trip overseas.

But the most common reason valuations are sought is for insurance purposes. Best to update existing valuations every two-three years to ensure valuers are covered for agreed insurance values. In Australia, Sydney most common insurance cover is high price jewellery items, diamond engagement rings and luxury watches.

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PER LEI we listen to our customers and ask them what they want in a jewellery Insurance policy.

Thats why we recommended Centrestone

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Policy Features

Deal with your preferred jeweller for any remake or repair
If an item cannot be replaced for the insured value, we will cover an additional 25%
Revaluation of your jewellery every year to match replacement cost
Flat fee of $50 on all claims
You are assigned a dedicated team member to handle the claims and remake process from start to finish
Cover for accidental loss, damage and theft
Add wedding bands, additional jewellery or watches to your existing policy
All specific details of insured items are stored securely for instant retrieval when needed
Instant cover for your precious jewellery
Worldwide travel cover

Have peace of mind knowing that your jewellery is valued and correctly insured today!

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