Re-style Your Unwanted Jewellery Into Something Unique and Outstanding.

At Per Lei, we take pride in our design work and craftsmanship.
One of the best parts of our job is taking older, unwanted or inherited pieces of jewellery and turning them into something much more beautiful and wearable than before…

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Old Jewellery New

Tailored Pricing

Personalise Your Design

Make new jewellery you love to wear…
Save money, renew the value with your existing treasures.

Many people have items of jewellery sitting in a jewellery box at home that are never worn. Perhaps you have inherited a piece of family jewellery which has sentimental value, but you wouldn’t wear yourself as the style is not to your personal taste.

FFrom years old pieces found in a drawer, worn-out engagement rings, inherited and sentimental pieces, to just simply wanting a change, we can completely remodel your jewellery into a whole new design or even keep the same style as the original, but with that extra bit of Flawless magic of course!

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We can re-use all existing metals and stones or just the key pieces you want to keep meaning all the sentiment is still there but with a newer, shinier, and much more luxurious finish!

Per Lei can take your existing jewellery pieces or gemstones and remake or ‘upcycle’ them into a gorgeous and personal piece of bespoke jewellery that you will love to wear while retaining the original sentimental value.

Our Process

How does it work? View the steps involved in remodelling below:

Step 1

Step 1

Examining your old Jewellery
Step 2

Step 2

Design Consultation
Step 3

Step 3

Step 4

Step 4

We bring your inspiration to life

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The remodelling process is exciting.
Allow us to work together to create something truly special

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PER LEI are complete professionals and perfectionists. They are focused on you getting the best result and carefully explaining what is possible and what isn’t. They freely share their extensive knowledge on gems and you quickly realise that what you saw elsewhere is not what you thought.
– Edward Mandla
When my engagement ring was stolen I was devastated. Fortunately someone referred me to Giac and the end result is that I have a new engagement ring that I love even more than my original. I especially enjoyed choosing my own stone and working with Giac on the design.
– Georgina Anderson

Per Lei Promise & Guarantee

We’ll listen to your preferences and combine them with our inspiration and know-how, to produce a truly unique piece of jewellery that both fits you comfortably and perfectly suits your style.
You will be involved in every step of the design process, where we can show you through computer-aided design images what the result will be. We will not begin work on transforming the original item until you are 100% happy with the bespoke design.

A guide to create the perfect ring and start the process to a special one of a kind jewellery piece.

eBook - Custom Jewellery Design

As a bonus offer with
Per Lei Design service,
you’ll also get:

  • Design Consultation for a new jewellery piece
  • Existing jewellery metal evaluated and credited to a new design
  • Optional Diamond/ Gemstone Certificate and Photo Valuation
  • Free PER LEI jewellery Service Gold Care plan for 12 Months

Avoid never worn jewellery and recreate a beautiful design what you love.