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Jewellery Care Plans

Complimentary Schedule Visits

Renew jewellery to last

Your Precious Treasures are meant to last a lifetime
When was your jewellery serviced last?

Jewellery can lose its shine over time.
Diamonds and gemstone can become loose over the years of wear.
Knocks or dropping your jewellery may damage stone settings, metal joins to crack and surface scratches
White gold becomes dull and requires polishing and white gold plating.

Select Jewellery Service Plan

Pricing & Service Plan Inclusions Gold
Gift Card Yes Yes Yes
Service Plan 12 Months 12 Months 12 Months
Jewellery Assessment 1 Item 2 Items 5 Items Variation
Clean to remove debris Yes Yes Yes
Stone settings checked/tighten Yes
Re – Polishing metal elements Yes Yes Yes
Rhodium plating of white gold Yes Yes Yes
Three Complimentary Schedule Visits per year Yes Yes Yes
Additional Pieces
Wedding band (Yellow Gold) $40 $40 $40
Wedding band (White Gold / Platinum) $60 $60 $60
Engagement rings $120 $120 $120
Other Items Customised Price Customised Price Customised Price
Repairs (From Assessment Only) Additional Additional Additional
Valuations & Insurance Additional Additional Additional
Select Service Plan Select Service Plan Select Service Plan

OR Or call 0413 123 555 to speak to one of our service consultants

*Paid in full. All PER LEI are only valid for 2019 price may change due to market condition. Not redeemable for cash. Not valid with any other offer/promotion. Additional handling & payment processing fees apply. Full terms and conditions.

The service maintenance process is exciting.
Allow us to work together to renew your jewellery, making them truly special again.

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Giacomo gave prompt, quality service. He spent time listening to our requirements. His workmanship was of a high standard. We trust him and would recommend him to others.
– Matthew Murphy
I had such a great experience working with Giacomo to design the perfect tailored ring that my fiance absolutely loved. Such an amazing art deco detailed ring with beautiful diamonds and Sri Lankan sapphires. Very happy with his work!
– Paul Limbers

Per Lei Promise


At Per Lei, we understand how valuable your jewellery is to you. We know that when you require jewellery servicing, you want to send your possessions to a trustworthy company that can be relied upon. Whatever your jewellery servicing may be, we can help.

Servicing is carried out in our showrooms, our experienced jewellery craftsmen who’ll service and return it as quickly as possible.

As a bonus offer with
Per Lei Design service,
you’ll also get:

  • On your first visit, your Jewellery will be accessed for any selected service plan
  • Any additional works are quoted for approval
  • Your item is refurbished, restored and polished
  • Two compliment check and cleans visits schedule within the 12 months plan

4 Steps to perfection

Step 1Book Appointment

Step 1
Book Appointment

Your jewellery is carefully assessed prior before your approval for service.
Step 2Select

Step 2

Choose any care plan on offer Gold, platinum or Diamond with optional additions.
Step 3Optional

Step 3

If required a Seperate Quotation for any replacement stones or service repairs.
Step 4Visit

Step 4

Receive your Two complimentary clean and check visits throughout the year.

*Existing PER LEI customers receive VIP members renewal discount upon all re-purchase plan renewals. Your discount coupon code can be entered upon selecting your service plan.

Quality Guarantee

We combine traditional skills and tools with the most up to date technology and machinery to enable us to provide these services in a cost-effective and timely way.

Per Lei has impeccably high standards when it comes to servicing your beautiful jewellery as you would expect. Using the very best craftsmen, your treasured piece will receive the utmost care and attention to detail before she is safely returned to you delightfully refinished.

Renew your love, have your special jewellery refurbished like new today!

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