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Exceptional Selected Diamonds

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Personalised Design

Having that perfect piece of jewellery is important for someone you love.
Avoid common frustrations and risks of….

Unable to find what exactly you are looking for
Not knowing how to and which diamond, gemstone is right to buy
Not having the ability to change some design elements
Whether understanding the capability of your budget to what you can buy

In association with industry leaders, committed to establishing and preserving a quality and ethics in sale of diamonds, gemstones throughout Australia

Our Solution

Our custom jewellery design service allows you to bring your ideal ring to life in just a few simple steps. If you have been desperately seeking your dream ring but have been unable to find it, we can help. Our skilled team of craftsmen will create your custom-made ring for you at an affordable price.
It will be totally unique and as special as you – no-one else will have a ring such as yours. We take your personal concept and make it a reality. If you are looking for a ring to cherish for years to come, let us craft you an exceptional piece of jewellery now.

4 Steps to perfection

Our experienced team will seamlessly guide you through the custom design process and create a unique, one off, timeless piece of jewellery.

Step 1

Step 1

Discuss your design ideas with us
Step 2

Step 2

Your choice of selection Diamond or Gemstone
Step 3

Step 3

Design drawing quality crafted
Step 4

Step 4

We bring your inspiration to life

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The custom design process is exciting.
Allow us to work together to create something truly special

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He was patient and took the time to listen, factor in what we were looking for, and provide advice from his years of experience. He’s been great at every step along the way. Most importantly, the final product was stunning and my fiancee loves it!
– Edward Yap
One significant difference between Giacomo and other jewelers is the customer service provided. Giacomo treats his customers like a VIP client and has excellent communication skills.
– David Van Styn

Per Lei Promise & Guarantee

Rest assured, you’ll be in safe hands with our expert custom jewellery designers – all of whom are hugely skilled and creative. Most importantly, they’re able to take your idea (however vague) and transform it into an exquisite piece of jewellery, which you’ll treasure for years.

So, whether you want to convey an emotion, capture a memory, or create a piece that symbolises something specific to you, custom jewellery design will deliver.

Each custom piece is lovingly handcrafted from the highest quality materials. Every high-grade stone is ethically sourced, and GIA certified diamonds are available. From the size, shape, and colour of your stones to the look and feel of your overall piece, our designers will sensitively understand what you want – and then strive to exceed your expectations.

A guide to create the perfect ring and start the process to a special one of a kind jewellery piece.

eBook - Custom Jewellery Design

As a bonus offer with
Per Lei Design service,
you’ll also get:

  • Discovery Design Consultation for your dream ring
  • A selected Diamond/Gemstone Certificate and Photo Valuation
  • Your item is refurbished, restored and polished
  • Free PER LEI jewellery Service Gold Care plan

Avoid settling for less and create a design what you want!

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