How to know what to compare for the best Jewellery and watch insurance cover

Policy Comparison  & Differences Explained

Centrestone jewellery and watch insurance offers a policy that has been specifically tailored to offer the maximum protection for your most precious jewellery. Standard Home and Contents insurance treats all items insured under the one policy the same, meaning they handle the replacement of your toaster in the same way as your engagement ring.

Some Home and Contents insurance only covers you for damage and theft when you are at home, but jewellery is made to be worn outside the house! Centrestone provides comprehensive worldwide jewellery insurance cover for accidental damage, loss and theft, so you’re protected anywhere, anytime.

Often, jewellery insurance broker will look to replace an insured item at the lowest possible cost to save them money. For jewellery, this often means sending the replacement job to THEIR jeweller of choice.

Centrestone is different – we deal directly with your original jeweller and pay the full amount that your item is insured for (less the $50 excess fee).

In addition to this, we understand that the replacement value of jewellery can fluctuate substantially over the period of 12 months due to changes in exchange rates and increased cost of stones and metals. It’s for this reason that if the replacement cost of your insured item is more than the amount you had it insured for, we can draw on another 25% of your insured value to make up the difference!

Centrestone also provides an annual revaluation of your jewellery so that as time goes on, your jewellery insurance valuation cost matches the replacement cost of your jewellery.

An engagement ring is one of the most precious things ever shared between two individuals. At Per Lei, we give you a way to express your love through a truly custom-designed ring, made to your price point and using the very highest quality, hand-picked diamonds.

With all your purchases, we provide a free jewellery valuation for insurance purposes and recommend Centrestone policy among the best choice overall for jewellery insurance Sydney. Our independent jewellery valuation service starts from $120 per item so enquire within.

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