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Wedding Rings

At Per Lei, we specialise in unique wedding rings designed and exquisitely hand crafted by an accomplished jeweller. Your wedding ring can be designed in conjunction with a custom-made engagement ring or designed as a one-off piece.

Per Lei handcrafted wedding rings Sydney

A universal symbol of one’s life-long commitment, a wedding ring can be a classic hand-crafted metal of yellow gold, white gold or platinum or as intrinsic as one with stones or diamonds.

Our wedding rings are proudly handcrafted by Giacomo Bozzi in Sydney, a proud member of the Jewellers Association of Australia following a strict Code of Ethics. All hand-crafted wedding rings are accompanied by GIA Certificates for evaluation, insurance and authenticity purposes.

Wedding rings Sydney

Just like a diamond engagement ring is a long-term investment, so is a wedding ring so we work with you to ensure that only the best materials are used to suit your budget. Our quality wedding rings in Sydney, are designed per lei (for her), and per uomo (for him) – a long-lasting resemblance to a couple’s love and commitment.

Schedule an appointment today in our design studio and workshop located within the historic Trust Building in Sydney, a homage to style and elegance, hallmarks of the jewellery and diamond engagement rings that are crafted within it.

View our wedding ring range online, or call to schedule an appointment today.