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Diamond Rings

At Per Lei, we specialise in exquisite and unique diamond rings. Diamonds truly are forever and we source the best carat weight, colour, clarity and cut to suit your budget.

Per Lei Diamond Rings based in Sydney

Diamond Rings can be for any occasion: an engagement, wedding anniversary, to celebrate the birth of a child or to simply symbolise an important milestone in one’s life.

At Per Lei, our diamonds are ethically sourced and proudly hand crafted by Giacomo Bozzi, a proud member of the Jewellers Association of Australia and Diamond Guild Australia following a strict Code of Ethics. All diamond rings are accompanied by GIA Certificates for evaluation, insurance and authenticity purposes. We comply with the Kimberly Process, guaranteeing diamonds are conflict-free.

Our diamond rings are custom made, so your unique love story can be designed and captured as you imagine. Select the diamond or coloured gemstone to be used, along with your selection of metal including yellow gold, white gold and platinum. We’ll work together on a truly unique design, to the right size, style and specifications. Your custom-made diamond ring will be the most unique in Sydney.

Quality carat, colour, clarity and cut diamond rings

Diamonds come in all shapes, sizes and quality. We work with you to ensure you get the best diamond ring in Sydney, to your budget and based on the following:


A diamond’s weight is measured in carats, which ranges from 0.25 carats (4mm) up. The value of a diamond isn’t placed on carats alone, but in conjunction with the following factors:

Diamond Rings Sydney


The less the colour a diamond ring has, the higher it’s valued. This is simply because diamonds are normally characterised as having a lack of colour. Diamonds are graded from D (which are colourless and most valuable) to Z (the most saturated in colour). Fancy coloured diamonds such as pink and blue are excluded from colour grading.

Diamond Colours


Diamonds come with their unique fingerprint, due to naturally occurring grades or blemishes. What can be seen as a flaw to one person, could be the characteristic that compliments the uniqueness of the piece for another.

Diamond Clarity


Ultimately, how a diamond is cut determines how the light illuminates, how it sits on its wearer, it’s symmetry and brilliance. Per Lei’s expertise ensures you get the best-cut diamond rings in Sydney.

Diamond rings Sydney designed by Giacomo Bozzi

Schedule an appointment today in our design studio and workshop located within the historic Trust Building in Sydney, a homage to style and elegance, hallmarks of the jewellery and diamond rings that are crafted within it.

View our diamond ring range online, or call to schedule an appointment today.