The Six Important Tips you must know About Travel Insurance

Like most Australians, the imminent threat that “winter is coming” probably has you glued to Webjet’s latest flight deals to Europe or anywhere north of the equator. Before you pack your bags, there are a few things you should consider when preparing for your next trip.

The seasoned traveller is probably well aware of the perils and risks associated with travelling overseas and already has a general insurer in mind for arranging their travel insurance.

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The Four best differences you must know between Centrestone Worldwide Jewellery Insurance and Home & Contents insurance.

When it comes to jewellery and watch insurance and people looking to insure their jewellery, there’s a phrase we hear all too often that sadly is the result of misguided belief – “I’ll just put it on my Home & Contents”.

Without understanding the differences between a Centrestone worldwide jewellery insurance policy and a home & contents policy, people assume that they cover the same things – THEY DON’T!

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How to know what to compare for the best Jewellery and watch insurance cover

Policy Comparison  & Differences Explained

Centrestone jewellery and watch insurance offers a policy that has been specifically tailored to offer the maximum protection for your most precious jewellery. Standard Home and Contents insurance treats all items insured under the one policy the same, meaning they handle the replacement of your toaster in the same way as your engagement ring.

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